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ShakeYourTail is an online scheduling and CRM service & is super easy to use, you can trial our service free for 30 days.

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ShakeYourTail is an trusted dog grooming software based in the cloud; client, appointment, scheduling and document management service.Great for Salons & Groomers on the move; Run it on your PC, laptop, Ipad, Tablet or Mobile with a standard internet connection.

Store everything in one place and leave the tech stuff to us.We provide a complete service solution, giving you peace of mind, we support, secure, update and keep your data, all safely backed up.



Powerful and easy to use, book appointments to your team members and view your colour coded schedule, ‘at a glance’.


Clients & Pets

Managing your clients and their pets is effortless; Record their details, add emergency contacts, Medical Notes, Grooming notes, view their appointment history, set alerts and much more…


Notifications & Reminders

We’ll take the strain by automatically sending your clients, their appointment reminders, confirmations, ‘Miss You’s and No Shows, by text or email.

Let your customer experience shine

Automated client rating, provides instant feedback on client booking history, partner this with your own Loyalty program.

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ShakeYourTail provides your business with the following key features to run an successful dog grooming business or pet business.



Powerful and easy to use, book appointments for your team members and view a colour coded schedule, at a glance.

Clients & Pets

Clients & Pets

Managing your Clients is effortless; Record Client details, view appointment history, breed, photos, medical notes, vet contact, groom note Client loyalty and more.



Report and export client details, appointments, marketing, no shows and extra.



Add custom services to appointments, supplementary treatments, collection and drop offs, promotion packages and more.

No Shows

No Shows

Let our service remind you of Client performance and help you make booking decisions.



Reduce your No-Shows and let our service deliver automated appointment reminders by text and email.

Online Booking

Online Booking

Allow clients to book online or
review all appointment requests and approve.

Payments & Deposits

Payments & Deposits

Take deposits and payments online or over
the phone.



Create and send electronic contracts, for your clients to view and sign online.



Create weekly newletters, special offers or anything you want with targeted client email and sms campaigns.

Multiple Sites

Multiple Sites

Manage your multiple sites, staff and appointments under one single login.

Customer Registration

Customer Registration

Invite your customers to register online and capture all those key contact & pet details

they’ve said
about us

Pricing Plan

Our Subscriptions, simple, flexible and designed for your business needs. We also offer yearly subscription with up to 10% OFF


Free Great to get you started Core Business Essentials Business Ideal For Busy Businesses Enterprise Unlimited Possibilities
Pricing £0 (per month) £15 (per month) £35 (per month) £45 (per month)
No of clients 100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No of Users & Resources 1 1 5 Unlimited
E-Contracts & Registration Forms No Yes Yes Yes
Email Reminders Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMS Reminders No Yes Yes Yes
Payments & Deposits No Yes Yes Yes
Support No No Yes Yes
Marketing No No Yes Yes
Customise Email Templates Partial Partial Yes Yes
Campaign credits 0 0 1 4
Dashboard/Analytics No No Yes Yes
Reporting No No Yes Yes
Multi Site Management No No No Yes
Online Booking No No Yes Yes
SMS Credits 0 100 200 300
Sites 1 1 1 1
About us

About Us

The journey began in 2009 with a family-run dog grooming business that had been successfully operating for several years. However, they relied on outdated methods such as paper diaries and record cards to manage their clients and bookings.

However, they soon began to encounter challenges. Mistakes were being made, phone numbers were getting jumbled, deciphering others' handwriting became a struggle, and the manual search for client records became an increasingly burdensome administrative task. All they truly desired was a way to effortlessly locate clients and find suitable appointments for them.

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With a growing realization that they needed a digital solution, they set out on an adventure through the vast realm of the internet. They discovered numerous options, but none of them appeared to be simple or specifically tailored for existing dog grooming businesses like theirs.

Fuelled by their determination, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Luckily, they had a skilled software developer within their ranks. They embarked on a 12-month journey of designing and building their own solution, which they named 'Border.'

Excited about the potential their creation held, they took their first product to the market, offering grooming businesses a system that was truly designed with them in mind. This was just the beginning of their quest.

Over the years, they dedicated themselves to relentless improvement, continuously developing and releasing new versions of their platform. Their reach extended beyond borders, expanding into numerous countries. Their mission remained unwavering: keep it simple and reduce the administrative burdens that plagued grooming businesses.

And so, their story continues to unfold, as they strive to make the lives of grooming professionals easier, one innovative solution at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Top questions answered.

Yes, we can import client and pet data, we just need it in a friendly layout, contact us for more help on this.

Yes, you can take payment in store, online or even over the phone. Simply connect your existing sumup account or create a new account once logged in.

Yes, all our paid subscriptions include SMS credits, but if you do need more you can just buy one of our SMS bundles.

If you still have credits left at the end of your billing month, then they will automatically roll over to the next month.

We support almost every country including the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Australia, and Malaysia just to name a few.
Feel free to contact us if you want us to double check for you?

Yes, we know exactly what it is like starting up a new business, we can offer discounts, advice and even maybe some free stuff, just email us to see what we can do.

We have a rich marketing suite, that allows you to send email and sms campaigns to your clients.
Everytime you send a campaign, ie "Summer Sale", we deduct a credit for your campaign.



Take payments and deposits online using Sumup.

sumup payments

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